Yanick Tade
Yanick Tade
Height: 5-10
Year: Fr.
Hometown: Windom, Minn.
High School: Windom
Major: Neuroscience

Personal: participated in football, track & field, wrestling, cross country... A honor role...State Track....Freshman League State Wrestling... enjoys lifitng weights, movies, ping pong, and art...son of Sarah and Noel

Why Concordia: My mother attended college here and loved it

Post Graduation Plans: medical school and become a doctor

The TADE File

Favorite Food: All foods

Favorite Restaurant: any buffet, maybe not any...

Favorite Movie: The Arrival

Favorite TV Shows: Futurama, American Dad, Adventure Times, and Game of Thrones

Favorite Book: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The place in the world I most want to visit: Europe

The major sporting event I most want to go to: The Olympics

My dream job is: become and inventor and entrepreneur

My bucket list includes: sky diving

My favorite thing about the Concordia Men's Track and Field team is: the chemistry between the team

What does it mean to be a Cobber: BREW

What are you most thankful for: I am thankful for the opportunity to attend college

How would you like to change the world: I want to make the world a better place by creating something to make others lives easier. I want to be remebered.

What would be your theme song: I don't know, I would have alot of theme songs

My favorite Twitter hashtag: don't have one

My go-to emoji: laughing face