Brett Baune

What do you like best about Concordia? "The people."

Letter winner in football and track...Football All State, All Conference...son of Gary and Faye...hobbies include weight lifting, hockey and model trains

The BAUNE File:
Nickname: Darell
Favorite place to visit:  Europe
Favorite food: Burritos
Favorite restaurant: Altony's
Favorite movies: Fox and the Hound
Favorite TV Show: Friday Night Lights
Favorite musical groups: Pearl Jam, ATCQ
Favorite book: Next
Favorite holiday: Christmas
What is the best gift you ever received: Car
The three people I would most like to meet: Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Greatest personal sports moment: winning state
If I were to play another sport it would be: hockey
Favorite pro sports team: Packers
My dream job is: Dentist
Before each game I: Put on my helmet
What is your greatest fear? Failure
What was the first CD you ever owned? Sum 41- All Filler, No Killer
One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40: Para Sail
If I could be on any TV reality show it would be: The Price is Right
The best thing about Fargo-Moorhead is: The people
This summer I: Worked
Favorite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Post Graduate Plans: PT School