10 Tommy Schyma
10 - Tommy Schyma
Height: 6-3
Year: Jr.
Hometown: Monticello, Minn.
High School: Monticello
Position: G
Major: Business & Finance

Personal: Participated in bowling and golf in high school...enjoys fishing...son of Richard and Christine

Why Concordia? I felt accepted as soon as I got here

Post graduation plans: Teach math somewhere

The SCHYMA Files
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite restaurant: Frying Pan
Favorite movie: Dumb & Dumber
Favorite TV shows: The Office
Favorite musical group: The Script
The place in the world I most want to visit: Italy
The major sporting event I most want to go to: March Madness Final Four games
My dream job is: work for a Fortune 500 company
My bucket list includes: Going to Spain and getting a dub in fortnite
My favorite thing about the Concordia men's basketball team is: How together we are for everything
What does it mean to be a Cobber: MTXE
What are you most thankful for: My family and friends
Which summer Olympic sport would you most like to compete in: Ping pong

What would be your walk-up song: Well come to the Jungle

This summer I: stayed in moorhead and worked

Who would you want to be the actor that plays you in a movie about yout life: Jim Carey