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Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Student athletes interested in becoming involved in the Student Athletes' Council should contact Ben Schneweis, advisor and men's soccer coach, at 218-299-4162 or e-mail at

What is SAAC?
The SAAC is a committee of student athletes selected by their coaches to serve as liaisons between their respective teams and the Concordia Athletic Department.

The primary purpose of the SAAC is to guide the student athlete through their college years. The SAAC is firmly dedicated to student athletes, and offers them a voice in order to maintain a continued representation of their specific interests. The key is to promote a positive student-athlete image on our campus.

What are the Objectives of SAAC?
- Create an ongoing forum for communication between student athletes and the athletic department and the college. Use SAAC as a method of getting athlete input on athletic and departmental issues.
- Work to increase total campus and community awareness of intercollegiate athletics.
- Involve campus and community in intercollegiate events.
- Get involved with or develop programs that allow for student-athlete outreach into the community. Involve athletes in charity or community service projects.
- Provide opportunities to increase individual athletes' personal growth and improve the athlete's overall collegiate experience.
- Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletic teams.

Fan Participation
For the events of the week, the SAAC will be encouraging fan participation and offering chances to win prizes. As athletes, we all know how much fan participation is appreciated, so the committee is dedicated to increase the number of fans in the stands. We will be publicizing each event of the week in hopes to inform fellow Cobbers of upcoming events.

SAAC Representatives Responsibilities
As the voice of their respective team, representatives are encouraged to share all new developments within the SAAC with their teammates. Also, representatives should acquire feedback from their teams about issues of importance. Finally, SAAC representatives should support SAAC sponsored events and generate interest among their teammates and fellow students to support these events.