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Olson Forum

Olson Forum

The Olson Sports and Fitness Forum opened in 1994 as a multi-function athletic complex for student, intramural and varsity use.

The complex has four, side-by-side regulation basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, encircled by a 200-meter competition running track. A batting cage is also available for baseball and softball teams.

A wellness center located on the east balcony provides students with the free use of fitness and cardiovascular exercise equipment, each with individual television monitors. For more specific details on what is offered on the balcony, click here.

The facility honors the vision of Earl and Dorothy Olson of Willmar, Minn., for their landmark $5 million gift to help fund its construction. The Olson Forum is connected to Memorial Auditorium via the Offutt Concourse.

The Olson Forum is set 12-feet below ground level to be in harmony with adjacent campus buildings. It features natural lighting from distinctive rows of arched windows lining the east and west walls above a pedestrian gallery for spectators that overlooks the courts and track.

The connecting Offutt Concourse, named for longtime regent Ronald Offutt of Moorhead, includes classrooms; the Cobber Athletic Hall of Fame gallery; recognition of Concordia Alumni Achievement award winners; a ticket booth; and the stately Birkeland Alumni Lounge, used for meetings, special guest lectures, receptions and news conferences.