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Concordia College is a member of the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAC).

Founded in 1920, the MIAC is made up of 13 private colleges and universities in Minnesota. It is one of the strongest NCAA Division III conferences in the United States. The MIAC sponsors championships in 22 sports - 11 for men and 11 for women.  

MIAC Members:
Augsburg College - Minneapolis, Minn.
Bethel University - St. Paul, Minn.
Carleton College - Northfield, Minn.
Concordia College - Moorhead, Minn.
Gustavus Adolphus College - St. Peter, Minn.
Hamline University - St. Paul, Minn.
Macalester College - St. Paul, Minn.
College of St. Benedict - St. Joseph, Minn.
College of St. Catherine - St. Paul, Minn.
St. John's University - Collegeville, Minn.
St. Mary's University - Winona, Minn.
St. Olaf College - Northfield, Minn.
University of St. Thomas - St. Paul, Minn.

Division III has the largest number of schools of the five divisions sanctioned by the NCAA. The NCAA Division III conducts national championships in each of the 20 varsity sports offered at Concordia. Division III emphasizes athletes as students first, placing special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants, rather than the spectators. Though Division III athletes do not receive athletic scholarships, Concordia athletes may qualify for academic scholarships - and they often do. Division III encourages participation through a large number and variety of sports, with a primary emphasis on regional in-season and conference competition.