Colin Schuller
Colin Schuller
Height: 6-3
Year: Jr.
Hometown: Sioux Falls, S.D.
High School: Lincoln
Major: Biology

Why did you pick Concordia: I picked Concordia for the outstanding Science department and it felt like home.
Post Graduation plans: Attend Medical School and do research in a genetics lab or ecological field study
Volunteer Activities: Mission Trips Praying Pelican (2017-2018), Cobbers in Action (2019-2020), Habitat for Humanity Santa Fe Chapter (2020), Food Drive South Dakota (2020)

Favorite food:
 Fresh autumn apples
Favorite restaurant:
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
Favorite non-school book: Lord of the Rings
Favorite musical group: Greenday
My dream job is: Anesthesiologist and Reseacher