Scott Schwandt
Scott Schwandt
Height: 6-1
Year: Sr.
Hometown: Moorhead, Minn.
High School: Park Christian
Major: Biology

Personal: Partcipated in tennis and basketball in high school...hold record for eggnog chugging competition...enjoys piano, singing, legos, dreaming, playing Halo 2 and skiing...son of Cheryl and Bill

Post Graduation Plans: Dentistry

Why Concordia? Private small school with good science programs

Favorite food: Birds
Favorite restaurant: Qdoba
Favorite movie: 500 Days of Summer
Favorite TV shows: Community
Favorite musical groups: T-Swift and Spice Girls
Favorite book: Harry Potter
Place in the world I most want to visit: The East
If I were to play another sport it would be: The Ididerad
Major sporting event I most want to go to: The World Cup
My dream job: David Bowie
My bucket list: Nothing, I've done it all
My favorite thing about the Concordia tennis team: The racquets
What does it mean to be a Cobber: To go to school at Concordia
If you could trade places for a day with a person, who would it be and why: Mark Twain, so I know what death is like.
If I had a million dollars, I would: Do nothing, life is not fun.
The best sporting event I ever attended was: I watched Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick play an exhibition match.